Houston Real Estate Buyer
Houston Real Estate Buyer

Houston Real Estate Buyers Agent

Buying a home or Houston real estate can be an intimidating process if you are not working with an experienced Houston real estate buyer agent.  We provide buyer agent services to our clients free of charge on all Houston MLS and Bryan – College Station MLS listed real estate.  We can do this as all MLS listing agents agree to pay the buyer agent’s commission when they list the property on the MLS.  HAR.COM is public version of the Houston MLS.  Buyers can find all the information needed on our website to get started in buying a home, townhouse, condo, or land in the Greater Houston, Texas and Bryan – College Station areas.

Houston real estate buyers can save time and money by using the services of a buyers agent.  There is no need to call 10 different REALTORS to show you 10 different property listings.  A Houston real estate buyers agent can easily schedule showings on any MLS listed property for sale.  Virtually all properties that have a real estate company or broker for sale sign are listed on the local MLS and are available for your buyer’s agent to show you.  A buyer’s agent will represent the buyer exclusively in the purchase of a property and does not represent the seller.  The listing agent on a property represents the seller exclusively in Texas.

When you find your ideal property, your buyer’s agent will assist you in preparing your offer, negotiating with the seller’s agent, and preparing for the closing and transfer of title.  You can contact buyer’s agent, Kevan Pewitt, to get started.  Read our Getting Started Checklist below for more information how to get started in finding and purchasing your next property.

Get Started Buying Houston Real Estate

The hardest thing you have to do is select a Houston Real Estate Buyers Agent.  Use our Getting Started Checklist

  1. Hire a Buyers Real Estate Agent.
  2. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval letter from a mortgage lender.
  3. Start searching for the home, condo, townhome, or land that fits your needs.  We can personally search and screen properties for you and set you up with high tech tools to make your search fast and easy.
  4. Once you have found the ideal property, your Houston Realtor will submit your offer to the seller’s agent and negotiate on your behalf.
  5. Your accepted offer will be submitted to a Title Company to handle the closing and to your lender for the processing of the mortgage.  The Title Company will hold your Earnest Money in Escrow until the closing.
  6. You will then select and order a real estate inspection on your selected property during the Option Period.
  7. Based on the results of the real estate inspections, your buyer’s agent will then negotiate on your behalf for any needed or requested repairs during the contract Option Period.
  8. Your Title Company will research the title history of the property and insure that you receive good title.
  9. Your lender will process your mortgage documents and order the appraisal to determine if the market value supports the negotiated sales price in order to approve the mortgage.
  10. The Title Company will order  the survey of the property.
  11. You will select an insurance company for your new home.
  12. Closing will be processed by the Title Company at their offices for the buyers and sellers.
  13. You and or your mortgage lender will provide the funds to purchase your chosen real estate.
  14. You move in or take possession of your new property.